Minecraft's combat game


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CraftFighters is a 2D combat game in which Minecraft characters fight one-on-one in action-packed duels.

The selection of available characters includes Steve, the standard Minecraft character; Creeper, the pig (which can do a variety of important tricks); the zombie; and the skeleton. Each one of them has three different suits which simply change the character's color.

CraftFighters has two game modes: Single Player against the AI (which isn't that great, to be honest), and Multi-player, which allows you to play against another player on the same computer.

The gameplay, as you would expect, is very similar to that of any other 2D combat game: you can jump, use different attacks, and even combos. That being said, you only have two action buttons (attack and defend), so that comes as a limitation to the game.

CraftFighters is a very fun fighting game that, in addition to its exciting gameplay, has excellent graphics that perfectly recreate all the Minecraft characters with a cartoonish appearance.
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